Ticket Types and Their Impact on Event Profits

As an event organizer, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the word “SOLD OUT” in bold letters on your website. Beyond the number of tickets sold, it’s important to offer a variety of ticket types. Offering different types of tickets makes your event accessible and appealing to a broader audience – from visitors looking for a more economical option to clients seeking a premium experience. Most importantly, it will increase your revenue and bring you closer to that coveted “SOLD OUT” status. 

Here are the 10 most common types of tickets you can include when planning your next event. With URBO Studio’s software, you can create and sell different types of tickets, manage access to your events, and update your sales strategy based on real-time analytics and reports. 

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  1. Standard Tickets

   General Admission tickets are the most common and offer standard, single entry. They are ideal for anyone wanting access to a particular event. These tickets help maximize attendance by attracting a broad audience, including last-minute buyers or those on a budget. Standard tickets are a staple in the commercial strategy of any event business, providing a steady revenue stream and allowing for a larger number of visitors who can then be targeted for additional services and products. 

  1. VIP Tickets

   VIP tickets provide exclusive benefits such as backstage access, premium seating, meet-and-greets with performers, or special amenities. They are perfect for fans seeking a more luxurious and personalized experience. For organizers, VIP tickets offer a significant revenue boost, as they command higher prices without affecting the overall accessibility of the event.  

  1. Discounted Tickets or Promo Codes

   Discounted tickets, often offered through promotional codes, make events accessible to specific groups like students, seniors, or hesitant buyers. The benefit here is filling seats that might otherwise go unsold. Promo codes actively drive sales among customers who might not purchase at regular prices, providing benefits like better attendance forecasts and a stable cash flow. 

  1. Reserved Seating

   The option to reserve specific seats provides convenience and assurance for attendees who want guaranteed seating, often with a better view of the stage. This type of ticket is crucial for events where seat location impacts the experience, such as theater performances or concerts. For organizers, it allows for higher prices based on seat location and better crowd planning and management. Reserved seating also enhances customer satisfaction, leading to repeat visits.  

  1. Single-Day and Multi-Day Passes

   If your event spans several days, offer single-day and multi-day passes. This gives visitors the flexibility to choose when to attend based on their schedule. Such tickets increase overall attendance time and encourage people to stay longer at your events, leading to higher revenue from additional service, food and beverage, merchandise sales, and more. 

  1. Group Tickets

   Group tickets are designed for families or groups, offering a discount based on the number of participants. The key advantage of this type of ticket is affordability for larger groups at better prices. They encourage whole family visits, increasing the number of attendees and creating a friendly atmosphere, which in turn results in positive feedback and higher long-term customer loyalty. 

  1. Accreditation (for Business Events)

   Accreditation tickets are tailored for business events and are often used to grant access to industry professionals who are participating in the event. Accreditation typically includes access to business zones, networking opportunities with industry peers, and participation in special sessions or seminars. These tickets enhance the event’s reputation and attract reputable participants, potentially leading to new business opportunities. 

  1. Early Bird Tickets

   Early bird tickets encourage early purchases by offering discounted rates. This strategy helps organizers scale initial interest and secure early revenue, making event planning more predictable. Announcing early sales also generates buzz and momentum, promoting active ticket sales as the event date approaches.  

  1. Members Only Tickets

   “Members Only” tickets are exclusive to members of a specific organization or event. They often include unique benefits like early access and special seating. These tickets build loyalty and encourage more people to join membership programs, fostering a sense of community and ensuring repeat attendance. 

  1. Tickets with Extras or Add-On Services

    Many events offer tickets with additional perks, such as early entry, exclusive access to a lounge, or a meet-and-greet with performers. A common example for sports events is a ticket with a hospitality package, including food and drinks for guests to enjoy. The business benefits include increased revenue opportunities and the development of an upsell strategy with more attractive offers for consumers, providing a more complete experience. 

  1. Season Tickets

    Season tickets offer a significant discount for multiple events compared to standard single-event tickets. They provide access to multiple events and perks such as early entry and reserved seating. Season tickets allow business owners to sell additional products and services at a more attractive price during their events, such as food, drinks, and merchandise. The added value ensures customer satisfaction and helps retain them for longer periods, allowing for better observation and analysis of their preferences. 

  1. Multi-Visit Tickets

    Multi-visit tickets guarantee attendance for a certain number of events in advance. They are cost-effective for visitors due to the lower average price per ticket and allow organizers to develop sustainable relationships with their clients, turning them into loyal and regular visitors. 


URBO Studio’s reservation management solutions ensure the seamless creation and automated management of various ticket types, optimizing your events and making them more successful and memorable. 

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