How to Drive Higher Profits at Your Zoo or Amusement Park

In recent years, we’ve seen rapid growth in the attractions and experiences sector. Online reservations have also significantly increased, with digital bookings for attractions and activities growing by over 12% last year alone. The global revenue from this trend is forecast to exceed $690.71 billion by 2026 (The Tech Report). 

This shift is driven by the changing preferences of modern tourists, who prioritize mobility, ease, speed, and convenience when booking experiences or purchasing entrance tickets for zoos, amusement parks, and other attractions. Simply selling tickets to an attraction is no longer enough; a comprehensive approach that includes marketing and active online communication is crucial. The entire experience, from the point of purchase to the actual visit, needs to be seamless. 

Here are some of the most current trends in the world of attractions, along with useful tips on increasing revenue and expanding sales channels for zoos and amusement parks.  

Selling Merchandise: 

Benefit from the popularity of your attraction by offering exclusive merchandise. From clothing and accessories to souvenirs and collectibles, there’s a wide range of items you can sell to visitors. Ensure your products reflect your unique identity, leaving a lasting memory for guests and providing an additional revenue stream. Create more engagement by offering online everything available on-site, providing customers the convenience of purchasing your attraction-related items remotely. 

Learn more about integrating an online ticket system and why it’s essential for your business. 


Games and Special Experiences: 

If your attraction allows, consider organizing special events like open-air puppet theater at the zoo or engaging classes for children to draw animal portraits. Imagine practicing yoga in the lion’s den or juggling with monkeys — such attractive experiences will draw attention not only from visitors but also the media, generating more publicity and long-term revenue for your attraction. 

Exclusive Access: 

Create personalized offers, a loyalty program, and exclusive experiences to build a closer connection between you and your customers. Initiatives like these encourage them to become loyal clients and maintain their interest through special offers. 

Seasonal Activities: 

Organize special parties or additional seasonal activities with separate entrance fees. Whether it’s a costume party at the zoo, a treasure hunt adventure in an amusement park, or an outdoor exhibition, these uniquely offered events can attract guests willing to pay extra for captivating and memorable experiences. Promote such events online via your social media pages, website, and partners. 


Consider partnering with local merchants or artists to enrich your offerings and create unforgettable memories for visitors. Recently, partnerships with influencers who become ambassadors of your attraction and brand have become popular. If you choose to work with influencers, ensure their audience is interested in your offerings to maximize your campaign’s success. 

Sell in More Places: 

Do you want more people to learn about the attractions you offer? If so, the Channel Manager tool is for you. It allows you to promote your attractions and related services on partner websites. Its centralized management provides real-time changes across all distribution channels. Beyond easy management, this means greater visibility, more potential clients, and more revenue. 

Learn what a Channel Manager is and how it can help increase your revenue [here] >>. 


Subscriptions and Package Offers: 

Offering subscription cards and package tickets is crucial for your venue. Subscription cards for a specific period (e.g., a year) are very appealing to local visitors who often visit your attraction and can benefit from better pricing through multi-visit cards. On the other hand, package offers — group tickets, family passes, pensioner discounts, etc. — target tourist groups or those with financial considerations. Make sure to actively communicate such offers on your website, ideally with online purchase options. 

Online Ticket Purchase Module: 
Last but not least, if you’re not selling online yet, it’s time to start!  

Modern tourists are well-informed and demanding when planning trips, visiting tourist sites, and choosing experiences. Positioning and actively marketing your business online is critical to success in 2024. 

Integrating a suitable online reservation system is the first step toward digitizing your venue, providing greater visibility and 24/7 autonomous online sales. In a busy world, consumers prefer to plan their visits ahead of time. However, this isn’t possible for attractions not available online. As a result, tourists may choose another venue offering easier access to tickets and information. 

To ensure successful online positioning and increase sales for your attraction, book a free consultation with our team, and together we’ll find the best solution for your venue. 


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