The Transformative Power of Digital City Cards: Strategic Benefits for Municipal Services and Tourism

City Cards are digital software products that empower municipalities to offer locals and visitors easier access to attractions, events, transportation, and services online. They are becoming a modern tool to deliver convenience and a rich tourist experience. 

How City Card Works for Municipalities: 
Municipalities can include an unlimited number of locations in the City Card. Regardless of the venue type — museums, galleries, theaters, festivals, concerts, and more — the City Card is a functional digital tool providing access to information and direct online booking. 

To ensure flexible, safety, and transparency for each place, City Card can be easily managed by administrators based on various criteria like the number of visits per location, total entrances, duration, last valid date, purchase date, minimum time between checks, or a combination of all of these. 

Moreover, municipalities can create different types of cards — single or group, child, pensioner, family, and more. Verification at the entrance is quick and easy only with a digital verifier on a mobile device. 

City Card Management Module: 
Municipalities using the City Card can also leverage a digital sales management module to communicate their offers to tour operators and travel agents. This module provides access to sales statistics, reservations, and revenue by channel and type, the number of check-ins per venue, total visits, and more. 

These insights are very important for making informed decisions about sales channels, marketing campaigns, and other essential tourism development components for the destination. 

Benefits of the City Card for Municipalities: 

  1. Higher Revenue 
    Offering tourism products like the City Card leads to increased revenue for municipalities and their tourism spots. Statistics show a 10-15% growth in touristic venues or events that have already activated this service.
    City Cards typically offer discounts or package deals for various attractions, tickets, and transport passes. For example, Amsterdam saw nearly a 20% increase in tourist traffic due to its City Card, which provides package access to museums and unlimited public transport.  

  2.  Promoting Local Businesses: 
    The City Card service boosts local businesses visibility online providing merchants greater access to potential customers. Meanwhile, municipalities stimulate local commerce to ensure the city thrives for residents and visitors alike.
    Cities offering digital City Cards report longer visitor stays, higher per-visitor revenue, and over 15% repeat visits.
  3. Informed Management Decisions: 
    Digital City Cards provide municipalities with real-time data on reservations, payments, visits, and more. These analytical insights help optimize and efficiently allocate city resources while developing tourism strategies. 

Benefits of the City Card for Tourists: 

  1. Higher Satisfaction Levels: 
    The City Card service enhances the overall tourist experience and increases satisfaction. Its interactive and personalized features allow users to quickly learn about changes or news and organize their visits according to their preferences, interests, and free time. 

  2. Convenience: 
    Residents and tourists can easily access significant tourist venues through the City Card. Digital cards are available anytime and significantly simplify stay planning in a city. 

  3. Discover Local Attractions: 
    Tourists can learn about local culture, traditions, and customs through interactive features like maps, audio guides, virtual reality experiences, and personalized recommendations based on behavior and interests. 

City cards are an invaluable digital tool to connect municipalities and tourists, promote effective urban management and improve the visitor experience. They help optimize city planning, develop infrastructure, allocate resources, and strategize tourism. 

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