Rebenefit and URBO Parking care about your employees

We are happy to present another successful collaboration, this time between URBO Parking, part of URBO Studio and Rebenefit.

What is URBO Parking?

URBO Parking is a mobile application that allows residents or temporarily visiting citizens of more than 12 cities in the country to quickly, easily and flexibly pay for parking in paid city zones and public parking spaces. The application works on the territory of Sofia, Burgas, Sunny Beach, Bansko, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Silistra, Pazardzhik, St. St. Konstantin and Elena, etc. Innovations and the implementation of innovative solutions in urban environments in recent years, such as pay for 30 minutes, full day and weekend package, pay for brackets, and last but not least pay via Viber, have repeatedly increased the interest in this solution, which to date asserts itself as the absolute leader and the most used application offering similar services.

What is Rebenefit?

Rebenefit is a cloud-based platform that takes care of your employees by simplifying benefits administration, creating flexibility, optimizing costs and allowing everyone to get what they value most. Fast and easy parking with URBO Parking is now part of their platform and your employees will be able to benefit from this service as well.

With Rebenefit you will also get:

  • Large selection of benefits
  • Best prices
  • Automated administration
  • Enforcing company policies
  • Employee satisfaction

How can I benefit from the partnership between URBO Parking and Rebenefit?

As it has already become clear, URBO Parking becomes part of the benefits that can be used by every employee of a company that has subscribed to Rebenefit services. The request for the parking service is made from the previous month through the Rebenefit platform. Your employees only need to download the URBO Parking app and register in the app, and after requesting the vouchers through rebenefit, they can start paying for their parking. This video demonstrates the process of registering and paying for parking.

If our joint work with rebenefit sounds interesting to you, you can also read about our partnership with VOZZi Driver’s Assistance. We’re sure you won’t regret it! 😉