URBO Online Concierge

Your services are now available on the customer’s phone


URBO Online Concierge is an module part of the URBO Studio platform, which is aimed at increasing sales and supply at business sites. Whether you are a hotel, spa, beauty studio, dance school, cinema, theater or other business in the industry, the system can work for you on a tablet at the reception, WiFi network in the site, integrated into Hotel TV or behind an individual QR located in decomposed places of your choice.

The system has all the functions of the URBO Booking Engine and the control and reporting are automated to your business account in URBO Studio. Find out more about URBOPay and the possibilities for payment operators when integrating online concierge.

urbo online concierge

Also, URBO Online Concierge is very conducive to integration when looking for a solution for managing hotel parking spaces. See more in our special article on hotel parking systems. If you want to get acquainted with our special software and self-service vending machine, you can follow the link.

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