URBO Booking Engine

Designed to sell more for you


URBO Booking Engine part of URBO Studio, the system quickly integrates with your website, reservation button, advertising landing page, company profile on Facebook, Instagram or other social network. Creating and using deep links for advertising posts, campaigns or other call to action messages on the web is child’s play. Find out more in our article on why we should sell through our own booking system.

You can easily sell your services with an exact date and time, run a voucher or a combination of both. Providing opportunities for end customers to customize the purchase as a gift, as well as upsell options during shopping to upgrade with better parameters, add insurance, order home delivery or just informative details are just some of the extras of the system. If you are considering the integration of a reservation system, find out in our special material what you should look for in it.

The module allows to be used for standard services, as well as for locked events or services available behind locked code, domains, etc. 

Urbo booking engine

With URBO Booking Engine, you can sell and control both offline services and events, as well as live stream and VOD videos. The system allows you to conduct surveys, Q&A and other services during the recording or live broadcast.

Through the streaming function, URBO gives you the opportunity to create hybrid events and reach more customers, despite the restrictions of the place or imposed restrictions for visitors.

You can choose the mode of operation only reservation, online purchase or provide the opportunity for online ordering and offline payment for services for your customers.

URBO Booking Engine is integrated with many payment operators and banks for payment by card, smart points, as well as online ordering, and payment at the cash desks of our partners. Learn more about the benefits you can reap with integration.

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