URBOPay - The solution that allows you to accept secure and fast online payments

Payment operators supported by us

The URBO Studio platform offers two possible models of accepting online payments – our clients can use their own virtual POS terminal of each payment institution in the country or abroad, or take advantage of URBOPay payment services.
URBOPay is URBO Studio’s integrated online payment solution, which enables all service providers to start accepting online payments quickly and cheaply (without the need for further development, integration of its own virtual POS terminal and investment).
With the first option, in which you work with your own POS terminal, you can choose one or more of the options for online payments that exist on the market. The platform currently supports transactions with the following payment operators:

payment operators

DSK Bank

DSK Bank is owned by the Hungarian OTP Bank, which is a regional market leader in Central and Southeastern Europe. As such, DSK Bank makes card payments through its own payment infrastructure. URBO Studio has built integration with the payment system of the bank, which makes it extremely easy and fast to add a new virtual POS terminal to the profile of our customers and partners.


Borica is the basis of the technological infrastructure of the payment industry in Bulgaria and most banks in the country use this card environment to make card payments. In this sense, no matter which bank you choose to work with, the integration of your virtual POS terminal can happen within a few days without significant additional investment.

First Investment Bank

Like DSK Bank, Fibank works with its own technological infrastructure for card payments, with which URBO Studio has integration and can quickly and easily integrate into your service platform the ability to pay through a virtual POS of this banking institution.


Epay is a Bulgarian electronic payment system that allows its customers to accept online payments with debit and credit cards and micro accounts. Our integration with this payment operator is available in case you choose this channel.

URBO Studio also offers payment options with PayPal, BrainTree and other international operators.


NewPay is a “Buy it now, Pay later” payment method that integrates with online stores and allows store customers to pay with it. NewPay allows its customers to register on the platform and receive an amount with which they can shop in all stores that have integrated NewPay as a payment method in the checkout pages of their online stores.
When a customer chooses to pay with NewPay, he can make the payment in seconds without having to enter credit or debit card details.

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