Technological solutions for hotel parking space management

And here are our solutions for parking system

The past 2021 was dedicated to the development of a number of new functionalities and the launch of our comprehensive B2B SaaS management and sales platform URBO Studio, focused at businesses in the creative and recreational sectors. However, our team continued its R&D activities for the rest of the Company’s products. By developing its own technological solution for parking system management.

URBO Parking, powered by URBO Studio, has undergone a number of innovative changes and we can now announce the release of a number new features and verticals in the field of paid parking and autonomous parking management.

One of the new but already successfully integrated solutions is the system for managing parking spaces for hotels, attractions, sports and entertainment complexes, developed jointly with leading integrators of hardware parking solutions.

The system offers the possibility to book hours, spaces and/or pay for them. URBO Parking offers full integration with some of the most common reservation and PMS systems on the hotel market. This will enable businesses to package the parking service they offer to hotel accommodation and at the same time to manage their parking space in real time.

In addition to the benefits for business, the URBO Parking platform offers a number of benefits for your end customers. They will be able to book and / or pre-pay for their parking stay by choosing from several payment methods – online payment by bank card or pre-loaded voucher, inclusion of the parking fee in the personal account or payment at the cash desk / reception in cash or with a bank card.

For businesses that do not have their own parking space, but want to assist their guests in the use of parking in paid urban areas, URBO Parking offers the opportunity for pre-loading vouchers in a business accounts and simultaneous pay for city parking spaces from several accounts or for several cars.

If you want to find out more about the functionalities of the URBO Parking platform and the benefits it can offer to your business, you can visit us on 24th and 25th of February at the International Tourism Exhibition “Holiday and Spa” in Hall 1, booth 1-16 or contact our representative via the link.

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