FC Pirin Blagoevgrad is a Bulgarian professional football club. “Swing” for football talents, as many famous football players have graduated from the school. The team competes in the First Professional Football League of Bulgaria.


The management of the club contacted URBO, looking for a high-tech solution for the implementation of a software module for additional services with the possibility of online ticket sales in real time, organizing a pass mode for sports events with smart devices, selling season tickets and fan articles, as well as and tracking their sales from one place.


As a proven professional, URBO was chosen as a partner for organizing ticket sales – online and at the box office. The provision of a technological solution enabled the club to upload a description of its upcoming football matches and, accordingly, to accept online payments for tickets and season tickets. The possibility of online sales is solved through i-frame, which is built into their own site. Ticket sales are possible at Datex multifunction devices. The subscription cards issued by URBO have an individual design. By integrating with the stadium’s turnstile system, fans are admitted easily and quickly before each football match, just by checking their card.

FC Pirin Blagoevgrad uses a number of functionalities, including:
Branded i-frame of the platform according to visual criteria set by the client
User Profile module: possibility to create a user profile and register in a secure environment on a debit or credit card; possibility for online purchase of tickets and season tickets; possibility for online payment without the need to pay and / or receive tickets at the counter.
Bandwidth tracking – online real-time statistics of the passing stream, by integrating URBO software to check in devices.
Sale of tickets at the box office with multifunctional Datex devices: direct and secure purchase of a ticket and a receipt – 2in1; acceptance of card payments; check in
Online reference in real time for the sale of tickets and season tickets (online and at the box office)

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