Discover Bulgaria is an initiative of METRO, Mastercard, Postbank, Coca-Cola, A1, Zagorka AD, Dimitar Madjarov, OMV and others. The initiative aims to support Bulgarian entrepreneurs in the tourism sector and started during the first declared state of emergency in the country – in June 2020.


The main focus of the initiative was the creation of a reservation platform that connects directly and free of charge restaurants, accommodation and manufacturers with end customers, thus supporting the restart of the hotel and restaurant business at the beginning of the summer season.


URBO has been selected as the main technology partner of the Discover Bulgaria platform. In less than a month, our team managed to launch an entirely new reservation platform of the marketplace type, as a turn-key solution.

The platform has a number of modern software tools and functionalities, such as:

  • Specially created and branded frontend of the platform according to visual criteria set by the client
  • User Profile module: possibility to create a user profile and register in a secure environment on a debit or credit card; possibility for online booking of selected events, services and products; possibility for online payment of the selected services without the need to pay and / or receive tickets at the counter; payment history – full reference for payments made and purchased tickets, entrances and services; opportunity to file a complaint, rating and receive a response
  • Online channel for distribution and sale of tickets / vouchers for hotel accommodation and offers: direct and secure online purchase of accommodation services; search by date, type, time and price; real-time availability information.
  • Online channel for distribution and sale of tickets / vouchers for restaurants and events: direct reservation in a selected restaurant or nightclub.
  • Discount cards and vouchers and / or bonuses

Each of the partners of the platform “Discover Bulgaria” benefits from a number of advantages and digital solutions absolutely free of charge, such as:

  • Real-time employment, booking and sales management software
  • Possibility to upload and list in the platform of an unlimited number of offers
  • Real-time reports and information on all activities in the platform, incl. trade reports, business analyzes (number of visits and reservations, etc.)
  • Reservation notifications
  • Excellent customer support and training and content management

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