Benefits of digital tickets for event organizers

You are an event organizer or attraction owner and you are looking for new and modern ways to reach users, facilitate their access to the event and make your work much faster, easier, more convenient and more efficient. Well, the development of technology creates more and more opportunities for this. One of the advantages of today’s digital world is digital tickets. The so-called “Smart tickets” are the perfect modern solution – just think how many people will attend your event carrying their mobile phones – yes, probably all of them, which greatly facilitates access and prevents situations such as forgetting, losing or destroying tickets. It also saves a lot of time and effort on the part of staff. Here are the benefits of digital tickets for you as an event organizer:

1. User-friendliness

Benefits of digital tickets for event organizers | URBO Studio

As an event organizer and attraction owner, you know how important it is to keep visitors happy. This is the only way to get them to come back for more. Customer satisfaction begins long before the event - as soon as the customer intends to buy tickets. This is because modern people are accustomed to an easy online experience and expect clear, transparent communication. This makes e-tickets an ideal solution. As soon as the customer places his order, he immediately receives a confirmation email containing an electronic ticket. Ideally, the customer has the option to print the ticket, add it to their "wallet" on the phone or simply show it at the entrance as an e-mail file. Now everyone who has a smartphone, practically everyone, always has their tickets with them, wherever they go.

2. Easy and quick access control

Digital tickets significantly speed up the process of access control and accommodation of event visitors. This not only avoids the accumulation of queues and people in one place, but can also save a lot of money on organizing the whole process of access control. You can learn more about the possibilities for organizing the pass mode of events offered by URBO Studio here.

3. Data collection and feedback

Digital tickets also offer another great advantage, namely the collection of additional information for visitors. In addition to the number of sales, gender and age of people, for example, you could get very interesting, additional and useful for you, data on the interests and habits of people who attend your events, analyze their preferences and tastes and be more prepared for the next event. Through the information gathered, you could administer feedback to visitors, understand their wishes for the future, track their satisfaction and opinion after attending an event.

4. Communication

The collection of personal information in the purchase process allows each organizer to actively follow up with visitors. You can send messages to users to remind them when and where their favorite artists will perform, for example. Or use text messages to inform them about a change in the date or time of the event. In short, by using technology intelligently, you can communicate more directly, efficiently and conveniently with ticket buyers.

5. Available 24/7

One of the biggest advantages of digital tickets is that they are available anytime, anywhere. With just one click on the phone, without which no one goes anywhere today, you can now see, scan, print or pay – everything is always with you, without unnecessary documents, the need for cash or the danger of forgetting and losing the ticket. This greatly facilitates access to the event and makes the experience enjoyable for users.

6. Saving staff and administration funds

Many event management teams are forced to work with limited budgets and resources. You can save staff costs by using digital tickets because you will not need cashiers on site.

In conclusion, the use of digital tickets can significantly improve the administration of your event and the overall end-user experience, facilitate the organization and control process, save a lot of extra costs, and help market your future events and increase revenue. additional goods and services.

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