5 proven ideas for
additional revenues
for hotels

Recent years have shown all owners that no matter how stable a business may seem, we should never rely on just one source of income. For the most part, this has been true for the tourism sector, where many businesses have closed forever. Surviving are those who were able to quickly find alternative opportunities to generate additional revenue for hotels.

According to a study by Finances Online, 70% of hotel revenue in the United States over the past two years has come from additional services. Diversifying revenue channels is important not only for the survival of your business in such moments, but it improves your overall offer, making it even more attractive and attractive.

Hotels can achieve this by creating new additional sales channels to increase their revenue by upgrading guest amenities and offering additional services.

In today’s article we will introduce you to 5 proven working ideas for generating additional revenue from the sale of additional services for hotels.

1. Transforming empty spaces into office space

Due to the global pandemic, the last two years have been uncertain for the hotel industry, which has created a need for some hotels to invest in office equipment and workspaces to meet the need for more outsourced workspaces. The trend for telecommuting continues after the abolition of covid measures, and long-delayed teambuildings, seminars, trainings and conferences are back on the agenda. This type of offer provokes additional interest and contributes to the enrichment of the services offered by your hotel, which will inevitably lead to increased revenue.

2. Use your hotel for event hosting

Think of all your event rooms, common areas, outdoor areas and other large spaces. Your hotel can use these spaces for concerts, festivals, comedy shows, weddings, tastings, corporate events and more. This is a great way to partner and build strong relationships with local companies, and is a very good opportunity to generate additional revenue. Your hotel will be able to use these events to attract more guests, to promote offers to potential prospects, as well as to attract guests from the region who do not need accommodation, but would use additional services in your location. Learn more here.

3. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great option for extra income, especially for smaller hotels. More and more hoteliers prefer to provide vouchers for a special experience and this is a great way to give unforgettable moments to your guests, as well as increase the popularity of your hotel.

4. Extra experiences for your guests

By adding additional services with experiences, you will add value to your accommodation offers and at the same time stand out from the competition. Although the provision of additional services usually requires more work and no small investment, they provide hotels with brand new flows of customers and revenue. Additional services can usually be used very skillfully as marketing tools in promoting your hotel. See a demo here.

Here are some examples of experiences through additional services:

  • SPA services
  • Rental of bicycles and ATV for walks
  • Business seminars
  • Themed dinners
  • Activities for children

5. Partnerships with local attractions

Hotels may offer certain services without necessarily being the organizers of the service or offering on-site. For example, you do not need to have a hot air balloon and a trained pilot instructor to advertise a balloon flight and include it on the website. and in your booking channels.

Instead, hotels can partner with local companies to offer discounts or sell package deals that include balloon flights, SPA treatments, water park tickets, transportation services, tennis courts and more.

Partnering with local companies to offer experiences and packages to guests, gives you the opportunity to attract more customers, creates new channels for additional revenue for your hotel, and is a bridge in building relationships with other independent travel and entertainment companies through which to enrich your offers. View more attraction solutions here.

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