Business Viber ChatBot
by URBO Studio

Certified Messaging Partner

Why Business Viber ChatBot?

Business Viber ChatBot is an automated chat system that guides communication between your company and your customers without the need for your employees to respond to every message.

The numbers speak volumes, get in touch with us and build your own Viber Chatbot now.

Viber ChatBot as a powerful marketing tool

Send your offers, special promotions, event information or daily and/or special menu directly.

Increase visibility and reach a wider audience with ads, stickers, targeted messages and offers.

Engage and target your audience through news, push notifications, ads, and more.

Respond in real-time to your subscribers requests with the information they need: purchase receipts, reservation/cancellation status, order statuses, and more.

Attract new leads and increase sales

Make it easy for your customers to buy products or services by placing orders and bookings directly on Viber.

Make it even easier for your customers by giving them the option to pay directly in the Viber channel itself.

Stay connected with your customers 24/7 and increase loyalty.

Reduce the workload of your staff – Viber can answer your customers inquiries automatically.

Accept direct payments and send tickets, vouchers or other passes.