You are Sofia is the communication platform of Sofia Municipality, aiming at easy access to information of the citizens and guests of the city. The platform is a complete guide to city life, work and business, movement and, of course, cultural and historical sites, monuments, attractions and events. The idea of ​​the platform is to present the maximum number of opportunities for spending free time, both for the residents of Sofia and for tourists.


During the development of the platform, Sofia Municipality sought an opportunity for maximum convenience for its residents and guests of the city, as part of the activity aimed to digitize the processes of direct booking and online purchase of entrances for cultural and historical monuments and sites and tickets for events.


URBO was selected as a partner in providing a backend technology solution that would allow all municipal companies and private operators and service providers to upload a description of their services and thus accept online payments and reservations in real time through the TC Sofia platform. The possibility of online sales is solved through the i-frame, which is built into the platform. Each service provider or event organizer when uploading their offers can choose an option whether to list them in the TC Sofia platform.
TC Sofia uses a number of functionalities, including:
Branded i-frame of the platform according to visual criteria set by the client
User Profile module: possibility to create a user profile and register in a secure environment on a debit or credit card; possibility for online booking of selected events, services and products; possibility for online payment of the selected services without the need to pay and / or receive tickets at the counter; payment history – full reference for payments made and purchased tickets, entrances and services; opportunity to file a complaint, rating and receive a response
Online channel for distribution and sale of tickets / event vouchers: direct and secure online purchase of event tickets; search by date, type, time and price; real-time availability information.
Online channel for distribution and sale of entrances / tickets / vouchers for attractions and activities

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