VLAIKOVA Cinema Theater offers Sofia residents a variety of performing arts, cinema and activities. Built back in 1925, it preserves the traditions of cinematographic art and applies innovative techniques to keep the interest of the audience.


VLAIKOVA Cinema Theater turned to URBO to provide a complete technological solution for creating a website with the possibility of ticket sales, live stream and VOD.


Using a web builder, URBO has built a page for VLAIKOVA Cinema Theater, which provides the following opportunities:
Branded i-frame, through which the user can buy a ticket for an upcoming show, screening and more.
Live stream and VOD module: All theater and cinema lovers have the opportunity to enjoy the stands from home, thanks to the built-in module for Live stream and VOD. It is possible to give different levels of consumer access and to create different price models (single ticket, group, subscription, etc.)
Concierge services: QR codes located on the back of each seat, when scanning, the user is taken to the program for the next month, and has the opportunity to make a reservation with a purchase at the moment.
WiFI captive: A login page that is displayed before a wi-fi connection is established. The user has the opportunity to log in with a Facebook account, Google account, etc. to connect to the Internet. The data is collected entirely for marketing purposes.

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