URBO Studio is already the official partner of Viber

Why Viber?

As you probably know, Viber is the most used communication software application in Central and Eastern Europe and there is hardly a person in Bulgaria who does not have it installed on their phone. Not only does the app allow you to chat for free with your friends over Wi-Fi or your mobile carrier’s networks, you also have the ability to send text messages, pictures, videos and audio messages. There are already over 800 million users, and the platform’s capabilities are increasing with each passing day.

In recent years, Viber has made some very big strides in its development as a company, both in the B2C vertical and in B2B. The main credit for this goes to Viber Chatbot development, which allows your company to communicate with your customers without the need for your employee to respond to each of the messages. The success of this development is so great that every day more and more companies make the application one of the main channels for communication with their customers.

Since the end of last year, URBO Studio has been an official partner of Viber. In addition to building the standard chat bot for communication with end customers, URBO Studio was one of the first companies in Eastern Europe to integrate and launch the ability to pay for services in real time via Viber. Currently, residents and guests of Sofia and Burgas can pay for parking in paid urban areas through the Viber application on their phone. In the second quarter of 2022, payment and other types of services typical of “smart cities” environments will be upgraded and launched.

Our partners and customers can take advantage of a number of benefits of the Viber ChatBot, including:

1. Attracting more customers and better communication with them such as:

  • Increase visibility and reach a wider audience with ads, stickers, targeted messages and offers;
  • Stand out with strong images, video content and invite potential customers to interact with you;
  • Engage and target your audience with news, push notifications, ad placements, and more;
  • Expand your relationship with each chat;
  • You offer real-time customer support at any time of the day (or night);
  • Allow your customers to read news headlines, use banking services, make reservations, buy products or pay for services;

2. Also accepting payments and transactions such as:

  • Make it easy for customers to do business with you right from their messaging app;
  • Respond in real time to the requests of your subscribers for bots with the necessary information: receipts for purchases, confirmations for changing account settings, bank balance statuses and others;
  • Provide higher delivery and read speeds for your transaction notifications compared to SMS or email;
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy products or services and make reservations directly on Viber;
  • You offer real-time customer support at any time of the day (or night);
  • You send important and sensitive information that you do not want your customers to miss;