URBO Studio Secures Investment from BDB's Capital Investment Fund

After achieving a series of remarkable milestones in recent years, we are thrilled to announce that URBO Studio has captured the attention of the Capital Investment Fund (CIF) at the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). The BDB subsidiary will inject 1.2 million euros into our company’s growth and development, significantly bolstering URBO Studio’s expansion into the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Middle East.

We are confident that this strategic partnership will enable us to further empower business owners operating in the creative and recreational sectors. Together, we aim to enhance their revenue streams, elevate their visibility, and grant them greater control over their operations. Moreover, our latest proprietary features will further empower businesses to diversify their sales channels by distributing their services at third-party distributor platforms and marketplaces, while enriching the experience for their clients.

With the aid of our software solutions, businesses can now seamlessly coordinate and manage their sales not only through their proprietary offline and online channels but also through their social media profiles, commercial networks, and third-party distributor’s platforms.

Our technology has already made significant headway in Bulgaria, particularly within the realms of tourism, culture, and transportation. Some of the biggest municipalities in Bulgaria, such as Sofia, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Gabrovo, Kazanlak, Kurdzhali, as well as the renowned resorts of “Albena” and “Sunny Beach”, have already embraced URBO’s cutting-edge technology. Additionally, our company stands as a trusted partner for major event organizers and ticketing platforms, both domestically and on the international stage. Thanks to our technological expertise, we have facilitated the sale of over 5 million tickets over the past two seasons, spanning popular festivals and concerts including Hills of Rock, Spice Music Festival, Arte Festival, Arctic Monkeys, Iron Maiden, and many more.

With the financial backing and invaluable expertise provided by the Capital Investment Fund at BDB, URBO Studio is poised for a new chapter of growth. This partnership will facilitate our expansion into global markets, fuel the technological evolution of URBO Studio, and enable the expansion of our talented team.