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Types of Accesss Control

URBO Studio has one of the most innovative and complex software solutions for access management, sales and types of access control. In order to offer maximum convenience to our business partners and their clients, the URBO Studio team has developed many options for access control, which are suitable for event organizers as well as for attractions, sports centers, halls and more. Our access control systems cover a wide range of bandwidth functionality and services, incl. invitations, sitting access, working hours, attendance reporting, etc.

1. URBO Ticket app

  • URBO Ticket app is the mobile application of URBO Studio, with which you can easily and quickly control access to events of any kind. The application works on any Android smart device (phone or tablet) and the verification of tickets, entries or vouchers is done by scanning the individual QR code of each ticket sold through the URBO Studio system. Every business owner can create an account in the application, which is linked to his account in the platform, thus checking tickets and information about the number of guests accommodated is always up to date and in real time. You can also create separate login accounts for your employees.

2. Professional Check-in devices

  • URBO Studio provides its customers with its own application that can be easily and quickly installed on any professional Android smart device. The ticket verification process again draws from the real-time sales database, with the application providing information on ticket validity, date and time of purchase, visitor’s name (in case the event requires registered tickets), as well as sector, order and place. Checking with this type of device is much faster due to their greater check-in sensitivity from a distance, which makes them extremely suitable for large events and festivals.

3. Turnstile systems

  • URBO Studio software solutions can be integrated with any turnstile system, in cases where the pass mode is organized in this way. Each ticket or entrance sold through our system will be easily read by the devices, and the whole process will happen again in real time, without the need for additional pre-settings (in cases where the turnstile system works online).
types of access control

4. Barriers

  • URBO Studio has its own software solution for management and control of closed private or public parking spaces, developed in collaboration with leading integrators of hardware parking solutions. The URBO Parking solution has a number of advantages for operators and end users, such as the ability to book hours, places and / or pay for them. Payment for the stay can be made either by bank card through the mobile application URBO Parking or at the cash register. Access control can be automatic or manual – with the help of an on-site employee, in both cases the barrier is raised automatically by registration number recognition functionality.

5. Biometric access

  • URBO Studio is integrated with one of the largest providers of biometric access control systems, Biodit. Such innovative contactless innovative access control solutions are extremely suitable for hotels, gyms, sports centers, dance studios, yoga centers and more. In addition to implementing the access control process, the system allows you to generate additional revenue through sales of goods and services that will be automatically attributed to your visitor’s profile. You can read more about the benefits of the software solution in the article here.

6. Bracelets and tickets with a chip

  • These are bracelets and tickets with a specially integrated chip containing individual information about your customers. Extremely suitable access control method for festivals, concerts and other similar events that have different access flows. In this way, visitors with different levels of access to the event are eliminated. In this case it can be VIP tickets and bracelets, standard, one-day, two-day or for all days of the event.

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