Online payment methods

Learn about our online payment methods

If you’ve come across this article, you’re probably one of those people who believe that online prepayments and a wide range of online payment methods bring a number of benefits to your business. If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of this type of business relationship with your customers, you can read the article here.

The URBO Studio team believes in the positive effect of this type of booking model, especially for certain types of services, such as ticket sales, monthly subscriptions, vouchers or even paying for a single visit.

In order to be able to best meet the needs of our customers, we have tried to develop as many online payment options known in the market, as our team is constantly monitoring and working on the launch of new features.

Currently, our partners can take advantage of the following options for online payments for services:

  1. Single payment by bank card
    With this type of payment, the customer can choose to pay once for a specific service by credit or debit card. The URBO Studio system supports all cards used in Bulgaria, incl. Mastercard, Visa and Revolut. (if we separate in 2 articles, let’s put a link here).
  2. Card on File
    Card-on-file transaction is an operation in which the cardholder authorizes the merchant to store the data on the bank card of his choice. For each subsequent purchase, the cardholder authorizes the same merchant to charge the stored bank card with the corresponding amount. In this case, the card data is kept entirely in a banking environment and even the merchant does not have access to it. In all cases, the conditions and manner of storage must be described in the general conditions of the trader and explicitly accepted by the end customer.
  3. Subscription payments
    Subscription payments are transactions in which, after a prior agreement, the merchant acquires the right to initiate payment for a particular service over a period of time (eg each month). In this case, the bank details of the cardholder’s card are again saved in a banking environment and the system automatically charges the card with the corresponding amount when the set condition occurs (eg date).
  4. Digital vouchers
    Digital vouchers, whether gift or pre-loaded, contain a certain amount that can be used to pay for services or products in your portfolio. In recent years, they have become especially popular as an opportunity to give an experience or as a tool to promote the brand. The URBO Studio platform allows not only the issuance and sale of similar types of products, but also the payment of your services with an already purchased or loaded voucher. Depending on your decision, you can accept payment with vouchers issued only by you, or include the option to pay with vouchers issued by specialized companies (increasingly popular among employees of large corporations).
  5. Buy Now Pay Later
    Buy Now, Pay Later is a method of immediate financing provided by credit providers and suitable for paying for more expensive goods and services. In this way, the cost to the end customer is spread over time or postponed to a later period. URBO Studio offers the option of deferred payment with the platforms of NewPay and TBI Bank.

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