How partnership with a hotel can be instrumental in growing revenue for your business?

Are you a tour operator, event organizer, or a ticket promoter for sports, cultural, or other types of events? Have you considered partnering with local hotels to boost your sales and thereby your revenue? If you haven’t yet, the following lines are just for you. Here, we unveil some useful tips for building sustainable and profitable partnerships with hotels. Let’s begin!

Partnership between a tour operator and a hotel for accommodating groups of tourists

If you’re a tour operator, it’s certainly beneficial to establish a relationship with a hotel in the destination where you conduct your tours. Usually, the chosen hotel will offer you an attractive price for accommodating a group of tourists. This way, both you and the hotel will benefit – you will get discounted prices and they will fill out their availability.

With this type of partnership, the hotel also has a great advantage as it can promote its offers through your channels such as a tour operator platform, your website, social network, etc. It might even accept reservations directly through you.

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Promoting your event in a local hotel and making it available for reservation on-site

The situation is similar when an event – cultural, sports, etc. – is taking place at a certain location. If you are the one organizing it or oversee and manage everything from program and scheduling to purchasing, and reservation of seats, tickets, etc., you can also consider partnering with hotels regarding it.

How? There are plenty of options. For instance, people who choose hotel “X” can benefit from a promotional price for a VIP seat, ticket, and other similar offers for your event. Or the hotel can advertise your event and/or be a point of sale for tickets.

How and why the need for a channel manager is imperative when partnering with a hotel?

Whether a given hotel will promote its offers through your tour operator portal and even allow for reservations directly from there, or if a hotel will promote your event or service by providing an opportunity for purchase/reservation through its site, the need of a channel manager here is a key. Choose reliable software to take control of your offers, pricing, and distribution effectively. All of this is possible from one easy-to-use system that brings great benefits to your business for the long haul.

A channel manager automates your online booking management across various platforms. It works well with different online booking systems used in the industry. This saves you time and effort and reduces the chances of mistakes and losses that can happen when you manually update information from different channels into your booking system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to have a channel manager if I partner with a hotel?

No, it’s not mandatory, but it’s much more convenient for you as a business that sells services, tickets, reservations, etc. to create distribution line through partner channels like hotels and their resources – site or reservation system.

How do I partner with a hotel to increase the bookings and/or sales of my business?

The hotel you partner with can promote your business by accepting reservations, ticket sales, and more through a channel manager.