Not just accommodation, but an experience

Holiday villages

Hotel complexes

4 and 5 star hotels

Family hotels

Hostels and motels

Guest houses, villas

Apartments, pensions


cross-sale tool

Offer your additional services, attractions and events to your clients at any time - during the reservation, in the period before arrival or after check-in. Manage employment and vacancies easily and accept online and offline reservations and payments.

Facilitate staff
with our online concierge

Accessible from any device at the reception or in the room of each guest. Give your guests an unforgettable experience by making it easy to receive information and make a direct reservation for your additional services, as well as for the activities available in the area of ​​your hotel.

Attract more customers
and increase your revenue

Our channel manager allows you to sell with one click not only on your website, but also on social networks, as well as on a number of sites selling vouchers for services such as URBO, Ticket Station, GoGuide, TC Sofia, SmartBurgas and others. Also offer activities to other providers in your area, earning a commission on each sale.

Take advantage of additional marketing features

With each online sale, you and your customers receive an automatically generated digital ticket or voucher. The specially created ticket validator allows quick and easy verification of each document by scanning a QR code from a device with an Internet connection.

Sell ​​online and offline

Take advantage of different payment methods to make it as easy as possible for your customers. You can accept online payments, payments in over 500 cash registers across the country, as well as on-site payments with a mobile POS terminal, and each sale is automatically reflected in your account.

Make informed business decisions

Our real-time analytics and reports allow you to get to know your customers better and manage your business in an informed way.

Flexible and customized solutions

Personal branding

and design as needed

Virtual POS

and choice of payment methods

Uncompromising security

at every step

Different access levels

for each of your team


e-mail templates

Module Bonus schemes,

discounts and vouchers

Personal support

7 days a week

Include your services

in partner networks

Play Video

See how the Reservation
module works

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Вижте как работи
модул “Онлайн консиерж”

A quick and easy way for every business to get its own website, reservation module or marketplace!


Main vision of the site. A vision can be set here (which can be a logo, a picture, a collage, a specific design) of business choice. All buttons here can be changed according to business's requirements. They can be set to lead to specific modules that the customer wants.

Website Template

The module provides a set of sub-modules, functionalities and other tools (colors, fonts, etc.) that can be arranged, duplicated and allow the business to create a beautiful and functional site to be used by an event organiser, attraction, cinema, or a different type of activity, course, lesson, etc.

Booking Engine

Text Module - a place for publishing actual information about event organizers and information about the business event itself. Section provides individual formatting, deep links, detailed activity description, etc.

Online Concierge

Text Module - a place for publishing actual information about event organizers and information about the business event itself. Section provides individual formatting, deep referencing, detailed activity description, etc.


HOLIDAY & SPA Holiday & Spa is the largest annual tourist EXPO in the region with over 20 years of history. Given the pandemic situation and the difficulties experienced by the tourism business, the organizers …

TICKET STATION Ticket Station is the platform for ticket sales of the largest event organizer on the Bulgarian market and official representative of Live Nation for Bulgaria – Fest Team. THE CHALLENGE: Fest Team needed …

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