Managing and Booking software
for attractions, activities, tours, events
and hotels additional services

urbo studio

Take your services

Generate revenue
during lock downs

Stay connected with your
customers and partners

Increase your online
presence and turnover

Monitor your
business efficiency


your business


more income


and distribution


Active relationship
with clients

Digital solutions for the service sector

URBO Studio developed the first of its kind comprehensive software platform for maximum process digitalization in the creative and recreational service businesses – management, reservations, sales through multiple channels and a number of cross- and upsell tools.


A quick and easy way for every business to get its own website,
booking module or a marketplace!

viber chatbot

Viber ChatBot

An automated chat system that allows businesses to easily communicated with their clients, present products and services, make orders or reservations, and most importantly, to accept direct payments and send tickets, vouchers or other types of passes.


Modern box office software

mPOS is an online cash register module, part of the URBOStudio platform. Designed to suit any type of business, regardless of location, equipment and customer document requirements.

Your Marketplace

Main vision of the site. A vision can be set here (which can be a logo, a picture, a collage, a specific design) of business choice. All buttons here can be changed according to business's requirements. They can be set to lead to specific modules that the customer wants.

Designed to sell more for you

Part of URBO Studio, the system integrates quickly with your website, booking button, advertising landing page, company profile on Facebook, Instagram or other social network. Creating and using deep links for advertising posts, campaigns or other call to action messages on the web is child's play.

Your services available in the customer's phone

Whether you are a hotel, spa, beauty studio, dance school, cinema, theater or other business in the industry, the system can work for you on a tablet at the reception, WiFi network in the site, integrated with Hotel TV or behind an individual QR located in places of your choice.


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Our partners for us


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