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Channel manager is a term most commonly used in the hotel industry and is a software tool that allows you to manage and sell your services through various distribution channels. With your essence, the channel manager is an online platform that connects in real time to the service provider with the distribution channel, allows easy management of availability and occupancy, prices and reservations on multiple online platforms from a single location. Using a channel manager allows you to easily grow your distribution and partner network, increase revenue and reach new customers.

Channel Manager is NOT

While a channel manager may seem like a complete solution to running your business, this is not the case. The channel manager does not replace the need for a reservation system and software solution for employment management, schedules and services. Therefore, in order to facilitate its customers, URBO Studio offers a complete solution that includes both a management and sales system and a channel manager that allows our customers to manage and sell their inputs, tickets and services through multiple channels, part of which:

1. Facebook & Instagram

The easiest and most popular way to sell tickets and book services is on Facebook and Instagram. URBO Studio allows you to sell your events and activities not only through your own website, but also through your social media accounts with just one click.


URBO APP is a platform for entertainment and experiences with over 200,000 active users per month. Positioning yourself in our marketplace – URBO APP, you can sell your experiences, events, services, video content and other offers. URBO APP is the best place to sell tours and activities, events and sporting events, attractions, club concerts, courses or SPA and beauty services.

канален мениджър

3. Ticket Station

Ticket Station is the platform for ticket sales of the largest event organizer on the Bulgarian market and official representative of Live Nation for Bulgaria – Fest Team. If you are an organizer and you are looking for additional channels for selling tickets for concerts, festivals and events, the Ticket Station marketplace is the most suitable for this purpose. You can read more information about the functionalities of the Ticket Station platform from HERE.

4. You Are Sofia

You Are Sofia is the communication platform of Sofia Municipality, aiming for easy access to information of citizens and guests of the city. If your business is located in Sofia, this marketplace is the right place to sell tickets, tickets and services. You can read more about how URBO Studio helped technologically from our article HERE.

5. GoToBurgas

GoToBurgas is the official tourist portal of the Municipality of Burgas, which in addition to purely tourist information about attractions and accommodation options, provides information, booking and purchase of all events in the region, tourist attractions and activities. URBO Studio gives you the opportunity to position your business and sell your services and experiences in this marketplace. If you are interested in learning more about our solution and project implementation, you can do so HERE.

URBO Studio continues to work hard to include new marketplaces and partnerships.

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