Changes in URBO Studio monthly statistics

URBO Studio is in the process of developing and upgrading the statistical and analytical information received from our business partners. Our ultimate goal is for every business using the functionalities of the URBO Studio platform to have the most detailed and easily accessible information on reservations and sales, as well as on the behavior of its end customers. In this regard, after all the changes in monthly statistics, in the coming months new reports will be released in stages, which will notify you in a timely manner. There is currently a new release of monthly sales statistics, which allows business owners to easily access information about past and upcoming events and check it with monthly sales reports.

In the following lines you will find a detailed description of how the “Statistics” module works, and in case you have any questions, you can always contact us by phone 070070270 or by email:

1. How to differentiate statistics for period, type of event, etc.?

New functionality has been added, which allows you to select past, upcoming or all events from the drop-down menu. This way you will be able to more easily and quickly check the authenticity of the protocols sent by our financial team, as well as track your booking and income for a specific period or event.

промени в месечните статистики

2. How do I load the statistics I want?

All fields have drop-down menus in view of the flexibility of the statistics that users should have. From there, with one click, you can select and load the statistics you selected.

Changes in monthly statistics

3. When selecting a specific object, which events will be loaded?

When selecting a specific object, the events that will be loaded are only the events to this object, respectively the broadcasts as well. A specific broadcast of a specific event can be selected, in which case the statistics from the beginning of the event to the present will be displayed, regardless of the period. This allows you to easily track all revenue for a specific event and broadcast, which is especially useful in cases where there are sales and reservations for several months.

4. When selecting a specific month, what statistics will be loaded?

When selecting a specific month, all objects or a specific object, all events or a specific event can be selected. In this version, however, the “Broadcast” field becomes inactive, and the information provided is for all broadcasts during this period. You can choose whether to view information about past or upcoming events.


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