Box office payments options

Box office payments options by URBO Studio

Although in recent years box office payments have declined as the preferred method of payment for goods and services, about 25% of customers worldwide prefer this method of payment for goods and services. As this percentage is still higher for Bulgaria, and one of the main missions of URBO Studio is to meet the needs of its business partners and their customers, the company offers us easy options for cash payments.

1. Do you have a cash register

In case you have a cash register in your site, but you would like to offer this method of payment in the most modern way possible, the URBO mPOS cash register software is the ideal solution for you. The system allows the realization of sales directly from the employment set in the system, thus avoiding the need for separate accounting for cash and online sales. Sales come directly from the remaining vacancies in the system and you know at any given time how much is left to fill capacity. -. All you need is the internet and you can start selling. You also have the option to print on ticket forms. The system allows additional integrations to access control systems, accounting software.

2. Are you on the move or you have not box office?

We have a solution! URBO Studio software for mobile cash register – 3 in 1 device with Datecs Internet, with integrated application for sale through the URBO system. You can easily and quickly issue and print a ticket, issue a receipt, and your customers can pay in cash or by card. The device also allows quick “check-in” of tickets. We have made sure that the reports for all payments received online and at the cash register are reflected in real time and are visible from one place.

3. Data collection and feedback

Digital tickets also offer another great advantage, namely the collection of additional information for visitors. In addition to the number of sales, gender and age of people, for example, you could get very interesting, additional and useful for you, data on the interests and habits of people who attend your events, analyze their preferences and tastes and be more prepared for the next event. Through the information gathered, you could administer feedback to visitors, understand their wishes for the future, track their satisfaction and opinion after attending an event.

4. Book and pay on box office

  • The integration of URBO Studio with EasyPay will allow your customers to book an online ticket or service, but to make the payment at a convenient box office. After the successful realization of the reservation, each client receives an automatically generated code in his e-mail, with which he can pay for the services of the cashier of his choice. EasyPay has 2,855 cash registers in the country, constantly increasing its network.
    If your customers just want to go to the cash register and pay, we also have a solution!
  • FastPay has 128 cash registers located throughout the country, and from 01.03.2022. the purchase of tickets of URBO Studio partners is available for all sites. You will see the purchase currently reflected in the URBO Studio platform.
  • Petrol filling stations have 297 outlets across the country and while your customers are waiting to refuel for their car, they can buy a ticket, entrance or service from our partner’s ticket office.

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