Why should you sell through your own booking system?

Own booking system? Find out why your business needs it.

Statistics from Google show that almost half of all searches on the platform are for local information and that 80% of them are converted. That’s why SEO optimization, especially based on local keywords, is so important to the success of any small business.
Of even greater importance, however, are global studies that show that adding your own booking system to the website of businesses offering local services generates even more traffic while significantly increasing business revenue. The average increase in revenue for service businesses with their own reservation systems is about 37%, and in some cases reaches 120%.

It is clear to everyone that we live in a world where almost everything is online. Nowadays, customers use the Internet to find what they need. It is now extremely important that every business has a recognizable online presence, regardless of its sector. In order to keep up with the trends and develop even more successfully, you need to get better acquainted with online booking systems – how they can help your business or how with modern technology, you will not only be found online , and you will easily convert visits into revenue.

What is an online booking system?

The online booking system is software that you can use to accept bookings for your business 24/7, as well as manage your services and schedules. Whether it is a hotel, beauty or hair salon, swimming pool, fitness center, yoga studio or entertainment center, sports hall or recreation area, the online booking system allows all types of service companies to accept reservations online and manage them with ease. The online booking system allows a potential customer to book and pay for a service directly through a website. This means that from the moment the customer decides that he wants to book your service, to the choice of date, choice of time and payment for the reservation, everything is processed online. This significantly reduces the workload of your staff and eliminates the possibility of double bookings. Find out more here.

Why should you use your own online booking system?

So-called marketplaces (a platform where retailers can offer their products or services and rely on high consumer traffic) are great partners for generating higher revenue, but they need to be additional sales channels. An obligatory condition for every business today is the presence of its own website and its own booking system with the possibility of payment. There are several reasons for such a business decision and they are not insignificant in the digital world in which we live.

  • First, despite all the benefits of marketplace sales, you don’t want to “give” your customers to someone else by referring them to other booking systems or marketplaces;
  • Second, it’s not good for your SEO optimization and search engine rankings – your goal is to keep the customer on your site as long as possible;
  • Third – with your own booking system you have the opportunity to have all the information about your customers and use it properly for mailing campaigns, behavior analysis, offering new services, various packages or discounts for loyal customers.
  • Fourth, you do not set aside funds for commissions, but invest them in your own development. These are just some of the benefits that make it worthwhile to consider introducing your own online booking system for your business.

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