URBO Studio organized the best online Avon event! Avon is one of the world’s leading direct sales companies for cosmetics and accessories with over 6.4 million representatives worldwide. Avon representatives are at the center of the company’s business model, which is why the constant connection and contact with them is extremely important for the company’s success.


Every year, Avon organizes a gala event, which brings together its representatives and management, presents new initiatives, products and successes. Unfortunately, given the COVID emergency, it was impossible to hold a 2021 face-to-face event. Avon needed a platform and studio that would be able to convey the company’s messages, identity and values, as well as the importance of each representative in achieving the set goals.


As the only platform in the region translated into more than 9 languages, URBO was selected as the technology partner for AVON’s annual events in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

URBO has developed a special i-frame with Avon’s brand identity, created and set up events on the platform, and prepared a special registration form with questions according to customer requirements. All participants in the events in the three countries went through initial registration, and our team provided 24/7 support during this process.

URBO also provided technical support for the live stream itself, chat moderation, management of Q&A visualizations and call2action messages, as well as provided customer support for end customers during the event itself.

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