Enhance Business Efficiency and Customer Experience with QR Payments

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to find a business owner who is not familiar with the necessity of offering card payment options to his customers. A lot of businesses now provide direct online purchase options or operate entirely online.

For businesses managing large groups of visitors and maintaining admission control (e.g., shopping centers, museums, zoos, attractions, and cinemas), the need for a solution that allows a quick booking, payment, and accessibility of the desired service is critical. And the solution, which is autonomous and does not require staff intervention, is a winning combination.

This is why, at the beginning of this year, URBO Studio introduced its new QR payment functionality. This feature enables businesses to manage transactions more easily and efficiently by eliminating queues, reducing costs, and improving overall customer service.

Card Payments Compliant with Regulation № H-18

URBO Studio’s QR payments fully comply with the regulatory requirements of Regulation № H-18. When the relevant QR code is scanned using a smart device, a window opens where the customer can choose the desired service (e.g., type of ticket or entrance, duration, and/or parking zone) and proceed directly to payment.

Payments can be made through an online bank terminal or directly via digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay. The new functionality allows the receipt to be sent directly to the customer’s email, and each payment is reflected directly in the provider’s tax account with the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

Currently, URBO Studio’s QR payments are used to pay for parking in over 25 cities in Bulgaria, including shopping centers and airports. At the end of April, all URBO Studio customers operating in events, attractions, activities, and other sectors will be able to use this functionality.

Winning Combination for Both Businesses and Customers:

The benefits of implementing QR payments are numerous for both business owners and end customers.

QR payments significantly reduce queues and crowding at ticket offices and entrances of commercial sites, attractions, and landmarks. This type of service makes a pleasant and smooth experience for visitors, without requiring them to use additional mobile apps or search for specific websites.

QR payments can significantly reduce business costs. Firstly, this type of payment eliminates the need to purchase and maintain POS terminal devices at venues with limited entrances and ticket types. They can operate entirely autonomously without human intervention, and, when integrated with the appropriate hardware devices, allow for a completely contactless sales and access process. Additionally, it removes the need for investment in paper tickets and printing marketing materials and fiscal receipts. This allows your staff to focus on the most important aspect of the service: customer care and delivering an unforgettable experience.

URBO Studio’s QR codes are not just a quick and convenient payment solution; they are a transformative tool for businesses handling large volumes of guests and visitors. By implementing such technological solutions, businesses can offer significant improvements in customer experience marked by speed, convenience, and security, while significantly reducing their costs.

To find out if QR payments are suitable for your business and how they can be implemented quickly and easily, contact our specialist today>>