33% discount for Self-Service Kiosk + URBO Studio PRO package.

URBO Studio, together with its partners from ElTrade, is launching months of self-service solutions. Within the next 3 months, upon signing a one-year contract for using URBO Studio’s software solutions from the PRO pricing package and ordering a self-service kiosk integrated with our system, you can take advantage of a 33% discount off the price.

Such solutions allow you to provide your customers with speed and convenience of service, while also helping to increase your revenue and reduce stress on your employees. The hardware device, integrated with URBO Studio’s software solutions, enables the sale of individual tickets, as well as the selection of a specific seat with a row and number, accepting card payments through an integrated POS terminal.

In addition, the URBO Studio PRO subscription gives you access to a full set of functionalities on our platform, including:

  • Reservation module with a shopping cart, which can easily be integrated into your own website
  • Ability to sell both online and offline (point of sale)
  • Creation of schedules, programs, and halls
  • Powerful backend that allows real-time sales tracking and access to statistics and reports
  • Marketing tools
  • Personalized tickets/email templates and automatic notifications

The standard price of the kiosk + one-year subscription is 9,000, but upon signing a contract during the campaign period, the price will be 6,000 leva.